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Zen Art is a dynamic and evolving narrative where every brushstroke contributes to a larger canvas of wellness, empowerment, and creativity.

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Welcome to Zen Art, where creativity, mindfulness, and celebration converge in a harmonious blend. Founded by Senamees Khrais an artist, mechanical engineer, and NLP therapist, Zen Art is not just a business—it’s a community-driven space where art becomes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

Start your wellness journey today and let every stroke of the brush be a step toward positive change.

Our Testimonials

Zen’s contribution to the National Day celebration was a remarkable and distinctive addition. The painting is one of the most beautiful artworks on campus.

- Rochester Institute of Technology

It helped me to have patience and relax, also it helped me understand myself more

- Roua

It has helped find a way to release and express my feelings through my brush!

- Shahed

It has an effect on calmness and good sleep for me personally

- Manal Khrais

Keeps me calm and brings out positive thoughts

- Marfina

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