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Welcome to Zen Art, where creativity, mindfulness, and celebration converge in a harmonious blend.

Founded by Senamees Khrais an artist, mechanical engineer, and NLP therapist, Zen Art is not just a business—it’s a community-driven space where art becomes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

Start your wellness journey today and let every stroke of the brush be a step toward positive change.

Our Story

Embark on the fascinating journey of Zen Art, a story that is already rich with creativity, purpose, and community. Zen Art is a culmination of diverse expertise and a shared passion for art, mindfulness, and positive change. The idea emerged from a desire to create a space where individuals could not only explore their artistic talents but also find solace in mindfulness practices.

Our story is one of innovation, blending traditional art workshops with elements of NLP therapy and life coaching. The community we’ve built reflects the genuine connections forged through shared experiences in university mindfulness, school events, and corporate engagements. Zen Art is more than a startup; it’s a dynamic and evolving narrative where every brushstroke contributes to a larger canvas of wellness, empowerment, and creativity.

Join us in shaping the chapters of our story as we continue to grow, inspire, and bring a Zen touch to lives around the world.

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