Live Manifestation Workshop

Rewire Your Subconscious Mind For Stronger Belief Patterns That Attract Greater Opportunities and Abundance in Your Life

Tarannum Dobriyal

Psychic, Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Leader


7th Jan 2024




On Zoom


2 Hrs


This is Perfect For You If

Your Inner Battles Are The Prime Reason of All Your Suffering

Health, Wealth, or Relationship – It doesn’t matter which area of life you are suffering in, it’s your inner thoughts that trouble you the most.

A fitter body, a wealthier lifestyle, a caring partner, an international trip, or anything you dream about suddenly starts to seem unachievable and you may even feel you are unworthy of it.

And all this happens because you are chaotic inside, there is something that needs to be addressed and healed.

It may be your present life traumas or emotional baggage that is linked with your ancestors.

In both cases, you need to identify it, accept it, and find a way to get through it.

And that’s why in this workshop, we will share something called 

Inner Soul Blueprint which helps you

3-Step Workshop Will Turn Your Dream Into Reality

Goal Setting - What You Want?

Right before jumping into the practice of manifestation, we will work on setting a clear goal first. 

This helps you get clarity in your thoughts and you get closer to your exact desires which is essential to benefit from manifestation.

Energy Cleansing and Guided Manifestation

This will help us identify and eliminate possible causes of your inner suffering – it can be present life trauma or ancestral baggage.

Next, we will work on activating your energies to rewire your subconscious.

This will be coupled with some affirmations to set you in the right direction and visualise abundance in your life.

Feel The Magic Moment

You will see how the previous two steps when practised repeatedly can motivate you to take consistent focused action. 

At this moment, you will start experiencing the magic that you will remember for life.

Here Are A Few Of The Many Transformations

that happened because of this workshop

You Will Achieve A Perfect Synchrony of 3 Main Energies That Drive Your Life

This workshop will open doors to a completely new world for you where you can constantly work on your internal consciousness to unlock higher levels of self-awareness,confidence, and positivity.

Our journey of transformation is just beginning and consider this workshop the first step of it. As we progress, we will be constantly learning new and better things to make this change almost permanent and continue to live a life of fulfilment.

And, To Make This Transformation Easier We Are Also Adding A Couple Of Free Bonuses

Bonus 1

5 Meditation Audio Files

These audio files are short mp3 files that you can use to meditate deeply. You can follow the voice in the audio and do what it asks you to. This will help you meditate very easily for a longer time than you generally can.

(Worth ₹1,999)

Bonus 2

5 Different Meditation Ebooks

You can read these e-books to gain a deeper understanding about meditation, manifestation and Law of attraction. This will help you improve how you meditate.

(Worth ₹3,999)

Bonus 3

Ancestral Healing Journey Playbook

This will help you understand how our personal growth is connected to our ancestral heritage. You will discover how you inherit not just land and property from your ancestors but also the good and the bad in your lives from them. You will also learn how you can form a spiritual connection with your ancestors and resolve any negative patterns and unresolved traumas.

(Worth ₹2,999)

Meet Your Mentor

Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal

(Psychic, Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Leader)

Hi, this is Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal.

I am an author, speaker, intuitive coach, and mindfulness master. 

I hold certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TimeLine, and Hypnotherapy. I try my best to incorporate these modalities into my coaching and counselling sessions to help my clients live a better life.

I have also conducted extensive research in parapsychology for over 20 years, and it has helped me deepen my understanding of the human mind and metaphysical phenomena. 

As the Founder of Enlightenment®, I have been able to impact over 200,000 lives globally and I believe that… 

Anyone can transform from a life of suffering to a life of fulfilment. All that is needed is self-belief and the right balance between emotions and actions, which can be achieved through regular practice of Manifestation.

Impacted 2M+ Lives Globally

Master’s Degree in Psychology

20+ Years of Experience

Transformation Stories

So, Are You Ready To Start Manifesting and Embark On A Journey Which Helps You…

If you said yes, just click the button below and sign up for the workshop right away.

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